Your Key to Success in One of the Seven Emirates, and the GCC States

VANDERKEMP™ Development & Consulting, and their competent partners
set your business success in the dynamic GCC region.

We collaborate with companies and government entities to realize your business objectives

The United Arab Emirates is a land of unlimited possibilities, there is one service that exceeds all others, our partner Blackstone Group Dubai located in the economic beating heart of the UAE opens exclusively their doors for business relationships that reach into the royal circles of the UAE. With its unparalleled network and profound market knowledge, Blackstone Group Dubai is more than a competent partner with the feeling of urgency in creating sustainable business success in the dynamic economic region of the GCC.

Specialties, never limited

The long history of Blackstone Group Dubai and VANDERKEMP™ Development & Consulting created a synergy of like-minded experts in creating international business opportunities and negotiations. In all these years we keep our focus, while there is more. This is never limited, although we have seen the main need and serve the following specialization to start within client onboarding.

Specialization, Blackstone Group Dubai and VANDERKEMP™ Development and Consulting

> Intellectual property and licensing your product, brand, and services.
> Organizing and planning your company's entry at a B2B business and, or government level, in the GCC States.
> Facilitating and negotiating better and long-term business results for your brand, service or project.
> A marketing strategy to suit and cater for the shared GCC networks in potential partners, long-term clients, wholesale and resellers.
> These are just a few points to mention, we are providing bespoke services to specific industries that are in high demand.
> As English is the standard business language in the GCC States, we see our growing dedicated colleagues developing in linguistics in the last years and next to English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and several other languages are intriguing our colleagues.

Tap into the Middle East's wide horizon of business, with more than 1.4 billion customers, combined with unique services and licensing agreements.

A dedicated International Licensee Partner

Blackstone Group Dubai is your dedicated licensee partner, seamlessly finding the perfect business partner for you, whether it is in the B2B sector, or on the B2G governmental level. As an internationally recognized licensee, Blackstone Group Dubai acts in a mutual and shared interest. To grasp the future of international trade in the world's fastest-growing market, one is obliged to establish a clear presence in the economic heart of trade in the UAE, Dubai. The entire Arab business world observes and measures Dubai as a rule model, a trailblazer for their region. From the business heart in Dubai, we open new opportunities in the GCC states, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.

Two Decades of Succes and Know-How

With over two decades of experience in strategically positioning brands, products, and services, Blackstone Group Dubai leads in excellence qualified companies to the table. Negotiations with business leaders, from ministry to politics and their international networks. Blackstone Group Dubai is presenting solution-oriented and partnership agreements that are fair and balanced with a long-term focus. One of the Blackstone Group Dubai's advantages, and highly valued by the royal family, is the ability to set urgency in negotiations while avoiding unnecessary discussions. Blackstone Group Dubai's proven track record sets a higher ranking among their stakeholders and especially to the royal family as an effective process facilitator to the economy.

Certification affairs on a Royal Government Level

Within the seven GCC States, government affairs are exclusively conducted by members of the royal family. Each member of their excellencies leads a minimum of five separate entities. To avoid conflict of interest, structured businesses are correctly managed through so-called "Private Royal Offices," unless an official mandate is given to prioritize your company. Clear and official certification agreements are the foundation of the seven GCC States.
We are here to explain Blackstone Group Dubai and VANDERKEMP™ Development & Consulting are here to explain and find the optimal solution and swiftest path to business success within the GCC States.
Accelerate Growth and Improve International Business
  • Resilience Starts with Risk Management
    How do trade policy reforms positively improve resilience to economic changes?
    BRI, BRICS & the EU
    Corridor Economies
  • Corridor Economies in more than 160 Countries
    The growing economy in the GCC states and the BRICS and BRI member states.
    Export Corridors
  • The construction industry is leading in the GCC member states.
    How do trade policy reforms positively improve resilience to economic changes?
    Real Estate, hospitality, Industry
    Largest industry's growth
  • The Power of Speed in Business.
    By embracing speed as a mindset, businesses can adapt swiftly.
    Stronger Teams
    Embracing Innovation
  • Expectations: A Sustainable and Prosperous Outlook.
    Reshaping the international export landscape.
    Export Strength
    Revenue Dynamics

UAE Free Zone Business Setup

Comprehensive Guide to Dubai Free Zone Business Setup

Key Benefits of Free Zone Business Setup:
100% Foreign Ownership: Retain complete control of your business without the need for a local partner.
Tax Advantages: Enjoy tax benefits including no personal income taxes and corporate tax incentives.
Profit Repatriation: Send your earnings abroad without restrictions.
International Business: Conduct global business with ease.
VAT Benefits: Benefit from a low VAT rate of 5%.
Strategic Location: Access to major airports and seaports, connecting you to over 200 countries.
Residency Visas: Obtain 3-year visas for you and your employees.
Diverse Talent Pool: Hire from a workforce drawn from more than 200 nationalities.
Property Ownership: The ability to own property in Dubai.
Prices start from AED 12.500 in the Emirate of Dubai and AED 5.750 in other Emirates.

The process is straightforward

Passport copies of all shareholders and directors.
UAE entry stamp or visa page.
Contact details and address proof.
Proposed company names.
We will send you a link to check on available names

Affordable Setup Costs

The cost varies based on:
The number of visas needed.
The choice of office space.
Business activities and Free Zone region.
With The Blackstone Group Dubai, transparency pricing for an entity setup starts at AED 12.500 in the Emirate of Dubai. In the other Emirates, competitive prices start as low as AED 5.750. 
These rates include the needed Governmental documents to support the longevity and prosperity of the company's establishment.

Next Steps After Setup

Immigration Card and E-Channel Registration are required for visa eligibility, with an option for multi-year renewals.
Visa Processing, Investor/partner visas range from AED 5.000 to AED 7.000.
Bank Account Opening, including the full business documentation and identification, including assistance in the completion of the corporate bank account.

UAE Mainland Business Setup

Comprehensive Guide to Dubai Mainland Business Setup
Key Benefits of Mainland Business Setup:
100% Foreign Ownership: Under CCL 2021, foreign nationals can fully own Mainland Companies, as per activities listed by the Dubai Economic Department (DED).
No Currency Restrictions: Freely conduct business without the concern of currency limitations.
Location Freedom: Choose your office location anywhere in Dubai to best suit your business needs.
No Minimum Capital Requirement: Mention your share capital in the Memorandum of Association without the need to display capital upfront.

Tailored Policies for Success

Dubai's forward-thinking business policies are crafted to bolster your company's growth, with a Corporate Tax rate proposed at 9% on net profit over AED 375.000, set to commence in mid-2023 or 2024. Importantly, personal incomes such as salaries, dividends, and capital gains from share ownership remain untaxed at the individual level.

New Regulations

Since June 2021 amplify the ease of doing business in Dubai Mainland
Expanded Foreign Ownership: 100% foreign ownership is now permitted across various sectors, including trading, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.
Simplified Company Structures: Even single-person LLCs are now possible for foreign investors.
Professional Activity Provisions: The requirement for a UAE national as a Local Service Agent is now limited, primarily to professional activities.

Commercial Company Law

With the amended Commercial Company Law, setting up your business in Dubai Mainland has never been more straightforward:
Majority commercial and industrial activities open for full foreign ownership.
The option for single-owner LLCs enhances business structure flexibility.
Real estate-related activities, including brokerage, can be fully foreign-owned.
The role of the Emirati national as Local Service Agent is now more specific and limited.
Company incorporation processes, including MOA preparation, have been streamlined for efficiency.
Each company is unique, therefore
see how we calibrate at VDK.
A rational direction sets the pace forward
here change is leading.
Where a structure starts
determines the urgency.
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