Export Diversification and our Expertise in Business Expansion

Who we are at VANDERKEMP™ Development and Consulting, in short VDK.

Mission and Expertise

Founded in the last quarter of 2016, VDK leverages decades of experience and an extensive network within the EU, GCC, BRI, SCO, and emerging BRICS nations. Their mission is to support the international expansion of small to mid-sized companies, facilitating their transition from a national to an international market orientation. By diversifying products and services on the global stage, these companies can reduce reliance on local revenue streams and contribute to economic growth.

Strategic Approach

VDK empowers organizations to thrive in the global marketplace by fostering a sense of urgency, developing strategic visions, and promoting global collaboration. Market research goes beyond the mere collection of data; it's about embracing transparency and ethical practices. We emphasize cultural competence, provide regulatory expertise, invest in talent development, encourage continuous learning, and facilitate technology with digital transformations.

Services and Impact

VDK assists her clients in creating a clear and compelling strategic roadmap aligned with long-term objectives. Here we forge strategic alliances, foster cross-border networks, and guide businesses toward sustained success in international markets. Our holistic approach considers various factors, including cultural nuances and regulatory requirements. The true allure of diversification lies not only in risk mitigation, and also in the boundless opportunities it presents.

Expand Internationally?

In an interconnected world, expanding internationally is crucial for growth. Within VDK we guide businesses to conquer new horizons with excellence and unparalleled speed. By tapping into global economies, companies gain advantages in export and import networks. This strategic shift aims to reduce reliance on local revenue streams while concurrently contributing to the strengthening of the economy by increasing its success and company growth.


Export diversification is a formidable task, demanding vision, commitment, coordination, and adaptability. It is a pursuit that necessitates learning from successful practices and avoiding common pitfalls. The member states of the GCC, BRICS, and BRI have demonstrated their willingness and ability to undertake this endeavour, reaping the rewards of shared experiences and synergies. Together, they contribute to a balanced and prosperous global landscape. As the world hurtles through rapid transformations, economic growth and prosperity find new sources. For countries reliant on natural resources or low-cost manufacturing, the undeniable need to diversify their economies becomes evident. Diversification offers the promise of reduced vulnerability to external shocks, increased job opportunities, and an environment conducive to innovation and productivity.

The Gateway to Economic Surplus

Export Diversification is the Gateway to Economic Surplus.
The surplus derived from export diversification cannot be underestimated. Countries burdened by over-dependence on a single sector or market face the perils of volatile commodity prices, shifting global demands, and unforeseen economic downturns. Diversification becomes the key to mitigating such risks, paving the way for sustainable growth and prosperity. 
Within this context, we VANDERKEMP Development & Consulting, emerge as an authority, specializing in visions, strategies, and negotiations, and providing companies with the necessary insights and business identity to drive export diversification efforts across Europe, GCC, BRICS, and BRI markets.

One Organisation

The Advantages of One Organisation, Visions, Strategies, and Negotiations.
Our prowess lies in its profound understanding of international business intricacies, enabling the formulation of effective visions, strategies, and negotiation approaches. Its seasoned team of professionals boasts a wealth of expertise in market analysis, competitive intelligence, and economic trends. Armed with such knowledge, VDK offers clients comprehensive insights into potential export markets, assisting in the identification of profitable opportunities and the development of bespoke strategies for successful market entry and expansion.

Unravelling the European Market

Based in the political epicentre of Europe, Strasbourg, VDK positions itself advantageously, close to the pulse of European commerce and trade. Europe, with its diverse and abundant market, serves as fertile ground for companies aspiring to diversify their exports. VDK's comprehensive understanding of European market dynamics, cultural intricacies, and regulatory frameworks empowers businesses to navigate complexities and establish robust footholds in this lucrative terrain.

Insights into GCC, BRICS, and BRI Markets

VDK's expertise extends beyond Europe, enveloping the burgeoning GCC, BRICS, and BRI regions. These areas harbour rapidly growing economies teeming with trade prospects. VDK's astute comprehension of unique business landscapes, consumer preferences, and emerging trends within these markets ensures clients can adeptly tap into their vast potential. Through the facilitation of trade and investment between countries in these regions, VDK fosters cross-border collaboration, unlocking synergies that lead to mutual economic growth.

Strategic Partnerships and Network Building

VANDERKEMP Development & Consulting prides itself on its extensive network of strategic partners, stakeholders, and industry experts across Europe, GCC, BRICS, and BRI nations. These relationships provide invaluable market intelligence, access to local networks, and avenues for fruitful business collaborations. Leveraging this vast network, VDK facilitates the building of enduring partnerships, propelling export diversification efforts. Consequently, companies gain access to new markets, forging robust business relationships that stand the test of time.

Export diversification emerges as a critical imperative for countries aspiring to achieve sustainable economic growth while minimizing vulnerability. Expert guidance plays a pivotal role in driving export diversification efforts across Europe, the GCC, BRICS, and BRI markets. With their comprehensive insights, strategies, and networking capabilities, businesses can navigate the complexities of global trade, unlock new opportunities, and foster long-term growth.

At VANDERKEMP Development & Consulting, we take pride in our position as a renowned expert in the field of international trade and bilateral negotiations. Our experts and international teams, bring unmatched leadership and expertise to the table, with a profound understanding of the complexities surrounding trade dynamics in the BRICS countries, BRI, SCO, and GCC states.
Our approach begins with meticulous market research and opportunity identification, allowing us to understand the unique potential of international markets. Leveraging our experts and international teams' extensive experience in international trade negotiations, we help clients navigate intricate trade landscapes and establish fruitful partnerships that drive growth and market expansion.
One of our core strengths lies in cultivating cross-cultural competence among our clients. Through specialized training and sensitivity programs, we equip them with the skills to communicate effectively and foster relationships across diverse cultural boundaries. This cultural understanding is essential for successful international business interactions and lays the foundation for lasting partnerships and collaborations.
Financing is often a critical factor for small and mid-sized companies seeking to expand into international markets. VDK assists clients in exploring export financing options, connecting them with financial institutions to secure the necessary funding for their international expansion.
At VDK, we continually encourage a culture of continuous learning and adaptation. With expert guidance, our clients embrace innovation and stay attuned to evolving market trends, positioning themselves as industry leaders and pioneers.
Our mission is clear: to empower mid-sized companies with visionary leadership and strategic guidance, enabling them to achieve sustainable revenue growth through their international trade endeavours. With a long-term strategic focus, we assist our clients in crafting innovative strategies that transcend short-term gains, instead prioritizing sustainable market penetration and global success.
At VDK, we firmly believe that leadership is key to thriving in international markets. As such, we emphasize the development of visionary goals and strategic planning, setting clear long-term objectives that align with our client's business aspirations. Our seminars and tailored workshops for mid-sized and large companies foster a culture of excellence, promoting innovative thinking and adaptive strategies.
Moreover, VDK recognizes the significance of intellectual property protection and regulatory compliance in global trade. Our team of experts advises clients on safeguarding their proprietary technologies and innovations, ensuring compliance with international trade regulations, and minimizing potential risks.
Through strategic collaboration and partnerships, we help our clients access local expertise and resources, facilitating seamless market entry and operational success. We believe that fostering a collaborative spirit and forming strategic alliances is paramount to flourishing in the global marketplace.
In the pursuit of sustainable growth, VDK's visionary strategies and leadership pave the way for mid-sized companies to excel in international markets. As we empower our clients to expand their global footprint, we contribute to economic growth, job creation, and the enhancement of global business ecosystems.

Join us on this transformative journey, and let VANDERKEMP Development & Consulting be your partner in achieving excellence and success in the dynamic world of international trade.

Together, we can make a lasting impact and shape the future of global business.

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